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To give you an idea of who you're dealing with, my Dances with Wolves names are #ChaserOfChildren #StealerOfClothes and #SnifferOfBooks, feel free to create your own but it has to be three words only - thems the rules!  I'm obsessed with Stranger Things and Game of Thrones and generally drawn to all things odd. 

My blogs cover everything from bittygate to body hair and all the disasters I've encountered in between.

I'm a massive bookworm and when I'm not reading I'm writing. 

I also blog for the Huffington Post and when I'm not dashing on the school run you can also find me waffling on Twitter.

For those brave souls who may wish to know me better, feel free to check out my book Little Black Cloud, dealing with my journey through depression to recovery, now available on Amazon Kindle.

Cloud Blog Ramblings


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